Who we are? Let's introduce our Team: 

The "Algarve Adventure" has started in 2005. Behind the online scenes we are real! A small international team with enthusiastic sportsmen and woman built up an outdoor company in this beautiful Region of Southwest Portugal. We, who run the business want to offer you all our Services of nature related activities with a high quality standard and lifestyle because: Yes! We are surfers, we are rock climbers, we are mountain bikers and we like to share our passion with you. 

We want you to participate in our Algarve adventures! More than that we are somehow normal, very friendly and open minded people, also travellers, with families and kids. All this and especially our educational qualifications can make you rely on our services.

And here is the Team taking care of your needs:


The Portuguese Surfinstructor grew up in this area and he knows the beach like the back of one's hand. His passion is to surf the big and challenging wave here in Arrifana's harbour with the name: kangaroo. No wonder that his favourite hobby is the ocean, fishing and to surf. He will help you with surf theory, tips, encouraging words and a lot of passion. 


A new adventure member is in the making. Surprise surprise! Wait for our new information.                                                                                                                                               


Sport teacher Wiebke from Bremerhaven is our good spirit of the team. Being a outdoor trainer, team coach and a mother she is taking care of your well-being. As an experienced rock climbing coach, a passion MTB rider and as a former travel guide she is taking you out for tours. If she is not working you can find her out in the ocean, catching waves with her longboard. 


The sympathic south german girl is rock'in the surfcamp and is responsible for all organization issues. She is educated in leisure tourism Management and is taking care for your well- being and has always an open ear for you. Her passion is to go for surf and you can find her as well at the beach -playing Beachvolley. 


The passionate family dad is an original from Porto. He is responsible for all Portuguese issues and is rocking the office in Monte Clerigo. With his easy going and super sympathic carisma you will meet him there for renting out your surf equipment. Sometimes he is also helping as a surf Instructor. If he is not with his family he is driving around with his motocross or in the water for a surf.                                                                                                      

Pepsi alias Housekeeper:

alias SlowmoCat she or he is happy to meet you. Our Housekeeper is always helping you with issues and is living with you in our beautiful Surfhouse. Pepsi loves to get some cuddle and will be your best mate.