Your Private surf lesson in Portugal in the Algarve

Surf lesson in Arrifana, Monte Clerigo or Amoreira from 1-8 persons.

We do not just show you how to surf: We support and coach you individually on your way to become a surfer!  Make the right surf experiences in Arrifana and Monte Clerigo, learn fast and progress so you can surf yourself in the shortest possible time. Besides the technical aspects of surfing it is very important to us that you get to know the real surf spirit: Sharing waves with others, respecting locals and having loads of fun!

Who? Everybody who likes to have fun.

What? Private surf lesson (1 to 8 Person) , 1,5 hour or more possible.

Our certified surf instructors of our team help you with the basics of wave catching, paddling, the take off, balance and body position. Changing conditons & wave related physics.

When? Flexible, according to arrangement. 

How much?

From 75 EUR (click for prices). 

Where? Meeting point?

1. Algarve Adventure Surfcamp: Arrifana Point View 

2. Algarve Adventure Surfschool in Monte Clerigo and Amoreira

3. pick up service depends on Wave Conditions

What to bring? Prepare for a beach day: water, snacks, towels, swimwear (speedos works better than boardshorts), sunscreen